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An uncanny ability to identify members of the tribe. Like gaydar but for Jews.
You'd have to have great j-dar to know Paul Newman is half-Jewish.
by Omar Wasow August 19, 2008
The process of calling somone via phone, not reaching them, and, rather than leaving leaving an essentially content-free voicemail message, simply allowing the caller-id feature of the reciever's phone to inform them that you've called. Like phone tag but without burdening the receiver with the hassle of listening to a voicemail message that says "Hi, I called." The process can be repeated indefinitely until the two parties finally reach each other. Process can be foiled if caller-id feature is not available due to poor cell phone signal, phone being off or other service disruptions.
Keith and I have been trying to catch-up over the last week but keep missing each other and end up just playing caller-id tag.
by Omar Wasow October 02, 2005

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