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Someone who takes to a philosophy that contradicts or clashes with the values from which a nation was built and will ultimately help lead to the collapse of a nation to impose the clashing philosophy on the masses.

see communist and socialist
The liberals in the United States seek to destroy the USA's super power status and redistribute its wealth into the third world. Then they will place its military under the complete control of NATO and the UN, thereby ending American sovereignty.

Due to these liberals' Marxist ideals, they seek to destroy all forms of western religion. Under a delusional belief, they think that the religious right is bound in chains to their protestant christian religions. Despite their willful attempts to protect their way of life, they must be "freed" from their religion by any means necessary (even by force) by the likes of "enlightened" secular, marxist, socialist liberals.
by Omar Pineda April 29, 2005
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