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1. A female with a nice physique beautiful face, derriere, legs, tits, the whole nine yards.
2. The total package.
3. A female who takes good care of her health.
Hey, Mike did you se that women Veronica walking down the street on 3rd and Broadway. Mike, that is some hot pussy.
by Omar Hacallar August 19, 2005
1. A person who gets paid to sit on their ass by taxpayers by claiming to be "disabled". 2. A person who is spoon-fed and selfish. 3. A sneaky person who does not contribute anything to society. 4. A person who makes a living suing people.
My next door neighbor Mike Taylor is a weasel. Mike Taylor is a worthless piece of shit, therefore he is a weasel.
Mike Taylor sues a garbage company for causing a fence to collapse when the garbage man drives through the alley to collect the garbage for $3,000 for a 15-year old fence that is worth $100. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.

Mike Taylor does not care about working, he feels that he is the only one that should be paid to sit on their ass.
He feels that other people should be working and supporting him. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.
by Omar Hacallar May 10, 2004

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