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The London slang for a Paedophile..... As defined by Chris Morris on the legendary Channel 4 program "Brass Eye", in the renouned "Paedogedon" episode.
"Man, can you believe he's a Bunty Man"
"I dont trust him, he looks like a Bunty Man to me"
by Omar Abidi April 15, 2007
The definition of someone who is Quadriplegic, but now has the aid of Bionic/ robotic or mechanical systems in place to make daily life easier.
Steven Hawkins Is a Roboplegic
The 6 Million Dollor man was the ultimate Roboplegic
by Omar Abidi April 15, 2007
A term used to define something or someone that is ourageously cool or wicked!! Actually invented by a crazy guitarist/tech nicknamed "Metal Dan"
"That Gig was Uncle Bo Wickler"
"She had the most Uncle Bo Wickler arse i have ever seen!!"
by Omar Abidi April 16, 2007
A central west london slang for a blow job. Being a shortened version of "Knob Polish".... Belived to have been started by a band called "Flict" in west london in the early 2000's
"She gives serious Knolish" or "That was some good Knolish boyeee!!"
by Omar Abidi April 15, 2007
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