44 definitions by Omar

two drags from a cigarette
let me get a deuce
i could get a deuce?
by omar March 07, 2004
noun, adj.
origin: Jason Drake
noun, persons associating with sheer gayness, queerdism, undeniable fairiness.
adj. being stupid, acting homosexually

a hole bunch of other queers from cherokee high school, marlton nj 08053
jesus christmas your so gaymar its unbielavable.
by omar February 03, 2005
Gavin, a loser who spends most of his time masturbating in his small attic. being a gavin involves being ginger, and working at Lloyds pub.
Also the only member of a pathetic loser company called 'Gav Corp Inc'
There is only one real Gavin Ives!
Oh shit that Gvins a fucking apple turn-over!
i wanna sit on Gavs face!
to hit or execute Gavin Ives with a left handed pocket Blade!
To imply or constantly call Gavin Ives 'inger Pubes!'
Possibly Take your anger out on Gavin Ives
by Omar June 30, 2004
full of shit
kimi: yo i have a 12 inch cock!
mario: yo dont be the iraqi minister! lol
by Omar May 06, 2003
the second coolest person in world who is friends with izzy! they are pretty funny if u ask me!!
wow ur not an izzy but ur a c-saw
by omar May 01, 2004
Person who eats Flaming Hot flavored Cheetos (normally at work).
You are nothing but a flamingos!
by Omar September 29, 2003
as used in Camphill a lot, a sign to say hello you want to get drugged up
oi! wer da budha?
by Omar October 07, 2003

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