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fat little guy who waddles a lot
Lauchlan is one
by Omar April 07, 2004
a non-western who is trying to dress and act cool but fails miserably! (saudi-arabic slang)
look at him wearing that fake "Kalven Clein" shirt thinking hes all bad ass! haha
by Omar May 07, 2003
This is a turn-based strategy game for those who wana beat the crap out of each other, control the streets, collect protection money, dominate a city or country, create gangs and much more!
i play 24/7 pimping arround the world , lets get rich :P
by omar June 06, 2004
1. Usually reffered to cars. Getting your car fitted by various items under these catagories:-

2. An improvement.

3. To anger the police

4. pussy magnet
That car dont come out till next year, where the fuck did you get it. Thats £80,000 gone, where the hell did you spend it?!?!
by omaR April 18, 2003
To cook a rom is the process of modifing ones (Read Only Memory) of a Pocket PC device based on Windows CE operating system.
Cook your own ROM.
ROM Cooking.
by Omar January 30, 2005
A peron in a gang,who has indeed lost so many brain cells that they think they belong to a Japanese night hitmen.
Yo nigga miky's so stupid. He think hes a street ninja, foo'! Oh can I be one, yea start by hittin' this!
by omar March 31, 2004
the epitamy of all that is bad
Miss Chalker
by OMAR April 08, 2004

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