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7 definitions by OmNiLaSh

Currency that will be used across the world when robots take over the world.
Instead of being backed up with gold like most currency is this will be backed up with sex
"Robot: I will charge you one ass token to play the fiddle!"
by OmNiLaSh November 22, 2003
To give a good punch.
Do I sense a bit of assholeism? Nothing a good punching couldnt fix.
by OmNiLaSh November 04, 2003
The act of something worth of value being stolen.


When great injustice has been upheld.
The money train has been stoled by Astronauts.
by OmNiLaSh May 30, 2004
Bock low went over China once to America orrisedint in his own goo.

Solemny bandaged from head to toe in his unparalel sadness.
by OmNiLaSh November 04, 2003
A ghost-snake that haunts peoples dreams.
In the Simpsons, Homer had a nightmare while in Barts classroom. Bart classified this as a "Night Terror. During this "Night Terror", Home screamed "AHHHHH KOBRAS!"
by OmNiLaSh May 30, 2004
Game of the Year for Morrowind Xbox Game
by OmNiLaSh October 30, 2003