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That's amazing
After somebody pulls off a great skateboarding trick

"Hey, dude, shabbam!"
by Olly January 08, 2004
vb. coll. slang for masturbation, often aided by William Hague speech CDs.
I'm off to read for a bit and then i might wallpaper the kitchen.
by Olly February 27, 2004
Big and green and smells of bananas..
Look at that maund, its Big and green and smells of bananas..
by Olly December 01, 2004
Generally not very good in any fashion.
This club is bone as hell.
by Olly August 30, 2003
Gil Scott-Heron uses chite in the song/poem Comment #4 to insult "white people" who are trying to identify with "black people" and their political causes.
"You silly chite mother fucker, your great grandfather tied a ball and chain to my balls and bounced me through a cotton field... and now you want me to help you overthrow what?" (Gil Scott-Heron, Comment #4)
by Olly April 02, 2005
To guard. To watch over. A shift on guard.
It's your turn on stag.
by Olly August 30, 2003

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