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adj. a statment describing an object or situation in a positive manner. A synonym for cool, sweet or werd, often used by itself.
"dude, I'm getting my new computer tomorrow!"
by Olly J February 06, 2005
the name for the more desparate-sexual partner/date-hunting side of myspace.com

coming from the slang terminology "meatmarket".
dude1: "yeah this chick is totally hot man, i'm gonna chat with her again"
dude2: "what, is this another one you met on meatspace?"
by Olly J February 24, 2005
common mispelling of "Whales"

also, home land of the welsh. a load of ginger cunts with annoying accents whose national pastimes include picking daffodils, shoving leeks up their arses, sheep shaggin and naming their children "gweneth"
for examples of the shittyness of wales go see "the valleys", north of newport / cardiff.

"n take a bat with ye boyo"
by Olly J February 22, 2005
verb. English slang terminology having the meanings: 1. To take, to consume. 2. Used to mark the occurance of something. 3. To strike or impact.
1. "yeah mate, I boshed about 15 beans last night... I was well fucked"
2. "I was just sitting there at work, when bosh! ... the phone rang and there she was..."
3. "He just ran up to the geezer and boshed him in the face with a bottle of stella"
by Olly J February 06, 2005

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