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Antisemitism, but with a bantique twist.
Person 1: 'Right, I'm sick of all these jokes you're making, they're really racist.'

Banter Beacon: ' Calm down, it's only a bit of bantisemitism, Ezra.'
by Olliwog June 22, 2011
A situation that is bantastic, that you have always wanted to happen.
Person 1: 'I'm going on my gap yah tomorrow to Ghanaaah, it's always been a bantasy of mine.'

Person 2: 'Yeah, I've bantasised about travelling as well.'
by Olliwog June 22, 2011
When you sense bantics are being had around you, you're bantennae should start tingling.

If it doesn't you're not a pred.
Person 1: 'We were having absolute bantics earlier on.'

Person 2: 'Yeah, my bantennae was tingling.'
by Olliwog June 22, 2011

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