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The worst of something, opposite to Sparkarama. Usually refering to girls.

Created by OllieOC
Liam Chinese: 'Ollie, check out this girl she's really fit.'

OllieOC: 'Are you fucking kidding she's Smackattack'

Liam Chinese: 'Your right as usual.'

OllieOC: 'I Know.'
by OllieOC March 25, 2011
The best ever of something, usually refering to girls.

Created by Ollie OC
Liam Chinese: 'Wow, that girl is really fit man.'

Ollie OC: 'Well she ai Sparkarama though is she?'

Liam Chinese: 'Your right, as usual, your the best Ollie.'

OllieOC: 'I know.'
by OllieOC March 25, 2011
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