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A community full of 11yo kids who think that they can be successful in like by creating a shitty Runescape private server. They don't actually know how to make the server themselves, so just leech someone elses, post shitloads of questions in the help section before searching/googling it, and then releasing it under a shitty, unthougt-of name and thinking that it is the best server ever. 99% of the community don't actually know anything about correct programming.
This is what happens on moparscape: "um hi can u plz help me add dclaw spec 2 my pi source plzzzzz rep++?"
by Ollie123, from MSCP December 24, 2010
1: Original Poster - commonly used on Forums
2: Operator - commonly used on IRC or Game servers
3: Over Protective - commonly used in regard to relations
1: OP is an idiot.
2: Don't fuck with me, I'm an Op.
3: My mom is so OP.
by Ollie123, From MSCP January 12, 2011

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