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The cantankerous bowel movements associated with the morning after one drinks expensive or high quality alchoholic beverages in excess.
Leonard- " Dude, this morning my aristocraps were so putrid that I had to take off my shirt and use it as a fan while on the shit-pot."

Jesus-" Rough times."
by Ollie Vector November 20, 2006
A person who's weight problem has transcended the terms covered by 'obese'. (Plural form)Whoabii are most commonly found confined to their bed, unable to move and developing serious bed-sores.

" I saw a Whoabese in the foodcourt today, he had just accidently eaten his tray."

Note: 'Whoabese' can also be used as an exclaimatory remark.
ex: (a whoabese is waddling down the street, I see her...) me: " WHOOOOAAA, BESE!!!"
by Ollie Vector November 18, 2006
Meaning to err greatly. Literally meaning to accidently achieve an orgasm when fooling around to get your sausage up in a girls guts. Hence, a catostrophic fuck up.
ex 1: We really can't screw the pooch in the 4th quarter, boys.

ex2: guy1-" I was so nervous with sheniqua last night that i screwed the pooch."
guy2- " ouch dude, ouch.
guy1-" ehhhh, it was good for me."
by Ollie Vector November 20, 2006

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