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1 definition by Ollie Syx

Only similar to goth in name. This is most likely because both subcultures developed from the same scene but have since gone their separate ways.

Cybergoths love to rave, have a fascination with glowsticks and all uv - glowing objects. Tend to wear alot of UV reactive clothing, main brands being cyberdog, spank, plastik wrap etc. Hairstyles are generally pretty extreme with bright colour dreadlocks and mohawks being the most common. Wear cybergoggles on forehead, generally so that your hairfalls don't look really odd! Huuge platform boots!

Listen to EBM, Trance, Techno etc style dancy bands including combichrist, Ayria, Suicide Commando, candy corp, the list goes on.

Drugwise, some do them, alot don't. Don't believe the stereotypes you hear.
General love of partying/raving and dancing a must. Generally confident and not afraid to be how they want.
Myself - Lime Green UV and black dreadlocks, biohazard cybergoggles, reflective red sunglasses, lime green uv cyberdog t shirt, Mercy urban camo bondage pants, New Rocks, and covered in uv reactive body paint with a glowstick in each hand =] now that be a CyberGoth!
by Ollie Syx February 18, 2008
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