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The best band in the universe.
Singer - Gerard Way.
Hot as sex, dark hair, punk goth, talented, messed up, pretty looking, screaming howl that sends shivers down your spine.
Guitar - Ray Toro.
Afro that rocks my world, maiden stlye solos, very humble, just cracks you up, NICK NAME - Toro saurus.
Guitar 2 - Frank Iero.
Very short but cute, leader of SKELETON CREW, lovely eyes, throws himself around on stage, very cool style.
Bass - Mikey Way.
Gerard's younger bro, dorky glasses, cool hair, dudish, shy, the most 'cool' member. Good at kickball.
Drums - Bob Bryar.
King of the drum sticks, very angry at cameras, funny, un-stereotyped, just plain radical, dude.
"I'm Not Okay"
"Thank you for the Venom"
"Headfirst For Halos"
"Demolition Lovers"
"Hang 'Em High"
Are the best my chemical romance songs - download em.
by Olivia1991234 May 25, 2006
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