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the best person you will ever meet. EVER. kind-hearted, spunky, quirky, ravishing, gorgeous, talented, and has a pure heart. loves nature and sparakles. isn't afraid to be her real self around anyone or afraid to speak her mind and act like a complete idiot. has amazing poise and of course grace, loyal friend, and romantic. sexy beast. but, gets hurt a lot. she is unique and one of kind. she is PERFECTION. overall, she's the kind of girl you want to bring home to your mother. marry her.
she is such an Olivia Grace!
I wish I was an Olivia Grace...
I want to marry an Olivia Grace
If only I was an Olivia Grace.
Olivia Grace... she's perfect
Olivia Grace is like a goddess
Olivia Grace is so hot.
she should've been named Olivia Grace
by Olivia Grace December 30, 2011

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