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3 definitions by Oliver Levy

Adverbial modifier, used especially before the phrase fucking crazy to raise it to the highest level of superlative.
I've just come back from seeing 'Vera Drake'. It was Yaphet Kotto fucking crazy!
by Oliver Levy March 31, 2006
Souvenirs collected from gigs by Shimmy Rivers And And Canal, such as flyers, tickets, setlists, sandwiches, saxophones etc.
"This Shimmy Rivers And And Canal poster has been really lovingly drawn, in keeping with Stolen Recordings' hand-made æsthetic. I must rip it off the wall and save it for the nation! Along with all this other Shimmorabilia."
by Oliver Levy October 02, 2006
A quiz question, central to one's field of expertise, which one nevertheless fluffs through complacency or panic. Similar to sitter. (Coined by Michæl Rosen, January 2004)
"I was doing well until I got an Admiral Benbow in Round Four."
by Oliver Levy January 26, 2004