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A secretary who handles a celebrity's twitter account. Some celebrities can't be bothered to tweet for themselves.
"OMG, I just got a tweet from that chick who went crazy on Meal Or No Meal! She's gonna be on Dancing With The Biggest Losers!"

"No way, dude. She has a twitterary handle that. She doesn't do her own tweets."

"A twitterary?"

"Oh, yeah, you've been breathless over the tweets of some underling!"
by Oliver Faltz November 27, 2009
tectonic, noun
a gin drink for your office's alpha geek after work.
Cyrus: Hey, thanks a lot for getting my computer to speak English again, and showing me how to use Twitter. Here, go have a tectonic on me.

Bruce: This is the most sensible problem I've handled all day. I had two people who had plugged the power strip into itself. I sure need a tectonic or two after a day like this.
by Oliver Faltz March 29, 2013
Unlike a baker's dozen, which is 13, the fisherman's tendency to boast and lie means the fisherman's dozen is 9 fish.

Similarly, the fisherman's foot is a fish that isn't really a foot long, even after the fisherman steps on it.
"Yo, Cyrus, how'd you do out there? You fool any big ones?"

"Eh, not bad, Lem. I caught a dozen, and four of 'em were over a foot long!"

"Tell me, lad, do you mean a fisherman's dozen, and a fisherman's foot long?"

"You saw right through me, Lem, but they'll fry up nice."
by Oliver Faltz December 19, 2011
adj. Dominated by one's television system.
Just like henpecked, except it's your television that rules your life. There are degrees of aspect, expressed as a ratio, e.g. 4:3, 16:9.
Ever since Harve got that big TV with all the little speakers, he never goes out anywhere. He's waayy aspect, like 23:7.
by Oliver Faltz August 07, 2009

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