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2 definitions by Oliver Denton

Someone who does cool shit without a thought for their friends.

Origin: A long time ago, one half of a pair of broheims bought a ticket to a theatre show of Shaolin Monks doing all sorts of nasty kung-fu shiznit...and didn't invite his blood. When the truth came out, the backstabbed Brother From Another Mother exclaimed 'Shaolin, motherfucker'.
Oli: You won't believe what Dalan and Fiona did while I was at my parents' place visiting my dying grandmother!
Radwan: What?
Oli: They went to watch The Marine.
Radwan: They didn't ask you if you wanted to go?
Oli: Hell no, they kept it lower than Britney's underwear.
Radwan: What a pair of shaolin motherfuckers!
by Oliver Denton December 17, 2007
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X-Pong is an urban sport, played with a ping pong ball and a cup. The object of the game is to propel the ball into the cup, and to make the shot look as impressive as possible by bouncing it off different surfaces.
Got my beer, got my vodka, got some ping pong balls...time to play some X-Pong.
by Oliver Denton April 26, 2007
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