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4 definitions by Oliver Closhof

When you're talking or hanging out with someone when all of a sudden they're gone. You notice them driving or walking away having never said they are leaving or good bye.
You and 5 others are hanging out at the local burger joint talking and all of a sudden you see your buddy driving away. One of you says hey, He Pulled a Dalton
by Oliver Closhof February 06, 2010
A stock or high performance VW engine built by Dubber's Toy Box
You're bug is fast, what kind of engine do you have? I've got a Dubber Built.
by Oliver Closhof February 06, 2010
A Volkswagen parts shop that has great customer service and great prices. They sell parts, engines, and transmissions.
Im heading over to Dubbers Toy Box to get some stuff to fix up my bug.
by Oliver Closhof February 06, 2010
The code word you tell your buddy when he calls and wants to come over when you and your girlfriend are messing around. Your girlfriend won't know you just told your buddy that you're getting lucky.
Your buddy calls, Hey man come over and help me fix my bug. No dude, Volkswagens suck. Later man
by Oliver Closhof February 06, 2010