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You know when you are in Clarkston when you find a community of smart all too willing to help families. CHS students are focused on there education and future. Often you will find that most of Clarkston has split their attention (i.e. a big athletic community (Have you seen there sports arena?) ).They are full of football, track, and soccer jocks. These students and the school are often mistaken for "white rich kid stuff who have there Vera Wang and huge additudes" to be truthful the school was built off of a ton of fundraising and the stereo type is only for a very small portion of the community. The academical out look is a very high standard, for a lucky few this means Clarkston Science Math and Technology Academy (CSMTA) or International Bachaloriete (IB) and they dont flaunt it either. Clarkston is a wonderfull community with an awesome high school.
Jack- hey nice job on your touch down last night!

Adam- thanks! man im just glad we beat the dragons

Jack- i know rite? wats the total between us now us winning in game count 11-10?

Adam- i think so.


Adam-o crap i gotta go huge test this hour!

Jack- oh yeh me 2 c ya l8r!

Jen- hey good job at the Clarkston High School home game last night!

Adam/Jack- thanks!
by Olive Nicole July 28, 2011
commonly used as a way of saying what the fuck and world taekwondo federation, another also common meaning is "whats this foolishness!"
Jen- Dude i heard Keighley is going back out with Jeff!

Sarah- No effin way! wtf! i thought they'd be done after last time!

Jen- ikr? my words exactally...
by Olive Nicole October 26, 2011

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