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6 definitions by OlivaHessum

What I do every night for money.
"Fuck me!"
by OlivaHessum April 23, 2009
The action of grabbing your dick then having a partener/friend grabbing your arm and jerking you off.

See also: Double Dutch rider
Dude, check it out! We can do a dutch rider without being gay! We're not touching dicks, other than our own.
by OlivaHessum April 01, 2009
When someone with the lungs of a dolphin, or Michael Phelps, takes a massive hit from a bong.
Dude I heard Jeremy on the track team took an Olympic toke at the party last night.
by OlivaHessum April 01, 2009
A pornographic reference to "Catcher in the rye." It refers to the fact of cumming i.e. ejaculating in a female's eye
Holy mother of god! Look at those guys surrounded around that girl; they are definitely goin’ to catcher in the eye!
by OlivaHessum April 07, 2009
A great feeling of sensation, almost like a lightening bolt hitting your dick.
Dude, ever since I got a sex change, I feel so jeips!
by Olivahessum March 31, 2009
To express an oppinion of disbelief. Similar to saying: "Bull Shit"
"Yo man, that's bull twang!"
by OlivaHessum April 06, 2009