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1. The best cd ever created by the best band to have ever stepped onto this earth, Sublime. 22 tracks of pure punk-raggae-dub bliss.
I've listened to 40 oz to Freedom 187 times through and it's still as groovy as the first.
by Olimar April 07, 2005
1. A local-to-Buffalo automotive forum filled with drama, oversized aluminum wings, body-kits, underbody glow, and a few pieces of pertinent and useful information about cars.

2. UBRacingForum

3. A tall malt beverage comparable to a 40.
OH NOES, Sleepy banned me for spamming the UBRF off-topic section and bumping my for-sale thread!!!11eleven1!
by Olimar April 07, 2005
A derivation of the word "pwned" often used in it's place, perhaps not as intense of a ownage as being "pwned."
"Oohhh, provosted!"

Me: "Rib"
*Gets kneed in the crotch*
Kim: "Oohhh, provosted!"
by Olimar April 25, 2005
The definition given by Monica above is incorrect. Kizzo is a term used to express anything in a positive way. It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

The term came about in Milpitas High School (located in California) by a student named Olimar Ness. He used to it both as a nickname (people would call him that) and a word.

Kizzo is almost like the word "cool", in it's adjective form.
"Dude, that's hella kizzo!"
"Turn that Kizzo off!"
"Hey Kizzo!"
by Olimar April 13, 2004
1. An adorable way to say "begin" or "commence" or "start" or "have sex with me"
Kim: So um..are we gonna make sweet love?

Olimar: Um...sure!

Kim: ok....go!
by Olimar April 25, 2005

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