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3 definitions by Oli a smole lover indeed

French Emoticon...
it did have a beret... but it looked even worse
Dude1: "look this smiley is french =D"
Dude2: "... Go Die"
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 05, 2006
From what i see fashioncore is the people that dress "hardcore"/"emo"/"rocker" and shop at places like H&M for everything but still hang around with "chavs"/"neds"/"townies" and listen to bands such as "Panic! at the disco"/"fallout boy"/"we are scientists" and some indie bands but actually know nothing of any music "deeper" than these bands and even then, only listen to these bands because they think it's cool and don't actually like it.
yesterday i saw one of THE most Chavvy girls in my school in a grey hoody with black spots on that they sell in H&M where i know plenty of people that actually like "emo"/"hardcore"/"rocker" music shop and that the shop is aimed at... or was aimed at... instead of the fashioncore fags that shop there now.

(that was abit of a rant sorry, but this is my interpretation)
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 05, 2006
A ridiculously Small or large creature
looks like a mouse...
female Smoles are usually ginger and small whereas male smoles are usually very tall and blonde

they can also be made into clothes but if they are the clothese are automatically called a "Shmole Shkin Shweater" no matter what it actually is
"OH MY GIDDY AUNT! i think i just saw a smole run into my maths class!"

"OH DEAR LORD! i can see a smole coming through the door!"
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 03, 2006