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An argument between baseball and lacrosse players. Generally decided by questions regarding, Which sport takes more skill? Which sport takes more coordination?

Generally not decided by: which game is more rad? Which game depends more on your hairstyle or your sick flow?

The argument is thus usually won by baseball players. Because as a general rule, all lacrosse players started out playing baseball, failed miserably and started playing lacrosse. No baseball players have ever played lacrosse...because they never needed to play lacrosse...because they were good at baseball in the first place.
lacrosse vs. baseball

BP: Why dont you play baseball?
LP: Because I couldn't hit a baseball in little league.
BP: Oh, that sucks.
LP: Why don't you try playing the sickest game on two feet?
BP: What's that?
LP: Lacrosse Broseph!!!
BP: Um, I don't need to. I'm good at baseball.
LP: Oh. Have fun doing what I can't do.
by OleMiss March 10, 2008
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