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A Neo-Communist per.se is pretty easy to define and hard at the same time.

Why this is so: As the word implies, it is a 'new' generation of Communist, albeit most are students (as where it learned from), few are more and less anti-Authitorian proletars (low class workers), and pledge alliance to Marx's theories, but defy Soviet and the like (China, perhaps Cuba) as inferior attempts on it, not genuine ones, and state-capitalistic enterprises with vague socialistic elements. They often share sympathies with workers, activists and anarchists. Most neo-Communist are so presumably because of a rebellish fad, or attitude, but most of them reject Totalarianism, saying it was never a part of leftism. Transistionary states are a heated subject, and neo-Communists are often followed for their ideology, because they are placed in the same class of despot-supporters. Neo-Communists are often atheists or agnostics.

Most of these frequent RevLeft.com, and are born at most in the 70's or up.
Karl: I heard Joe is a Commie?
Jarl: That's not true, he is a Neo-Commie!
Karl: What's the difference?
Jarl: He doesn't believe in a dictatorship of the proletars, i.e. no vanguard party.
by Ole the Murderer May 31, 2005

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