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An adjective used to describe a woman who sleeps around a ton, has sex with multiple, multiple partners, and/or gives up sex very quickly and easily, i.e. on the first date.
"Dude, I totally nailed Brittany last night."
"Wasn't that your guys' first date?"
"Well, that was very vagenerous of her."
by Ole' Lefty March 12, 2010
An insult. Synonymous with any homosexual slur.

Used to describe someone who aggressively beats or rides dicks, other than their own.

Also, "boner blasting" is used as an insult, along with something else. I.e. "Boner blasting fag".
"You made me spill my drink, you boner blaster!"
by Ole' Lefty March 11, 2010
What you call someone with a metal plate in their body, primarily the face/skull, often used when the person was severely beat up, resulting in the plate being put in.
Also used as "Iron Manned", as a past-tense verb, or "Iron Manning" as a present tense.
"Did you hear what happened to Marcus? He got stomped out. He had to go the hospital...they put a metal plate in his face."
"Damn.....that nigga got Iron Manned."
by Ole' Lefty March 11, 2010

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