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2 definitions by Oldschoolskatefan

The basic of any sneaker. Idk if they used to be better or not, but I don't like them. I don't see how they're comfortable as most people say. I used to have a pair, and my feet would hurt and get blisters everytime I walked with them. OUCH. The problem is that they have no cushion, and I would rather go for Air Jordans or any skate shoe... because they're actually comfortable and HAVE cushioning.
Mom: How do you like your new Converse shoes?

Me: They're freaking painful! I walked around with them and now my feet are all beat up! Let's go to Sports Authority and get Adidas!

A day later...

Mom: How are your Adidas?

Me: Great. They're comfortable and I can walk across the country in them.
by oldschoolskatefan June 06, 2009
Extremely overrated that makes skate shoes and apparel. They used to be good, but recently they've become so mainstream with their ugly models like the Court Graffik and Air Ventilation shoes. Instead of making good quality shoes to skaters, they often make shoes that sell better to other kinds of people, such as preps, athletes, and even rappers. Their shoes are bad quality because they don't last and you can't control a skateboard to well with them compared to Emericas or Lakais.
Kid goes into Zumiez and buys DC Shoes (Pure XE). Over the next month and a half, he finds that they've been destroyed. He then buys DC Journals (red suede ones) and skates with them. They get worn out in only a month and it costs him. He has decided to never buy DC Shoes again.
by Oldschoolskatefan June 05, 2009