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Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck
"Zoe's such a MILF"

Note - a hot Black mama would be considered as a "chocolate MILF" ;-)
by OldsVistaCruiser November 27, 2005
1. A stretched-wheelbase Oldsmobile mid-size station wagon produced from 1964 to 1972 and as an up-line trim package on the 1973-77 Cutlass station wagon. Famous for the tinted roof glass over the second row of seating and the smaller tinted glass pieces over the cargo-area side windows from 1964-72. Used regularly on the Fox television shows "That '70s Show" and "Fringe."

2. A motor home made by Gulfstream from 2002-09 on the Sprinter chassis.

3. A boat made by Four Winns.
"It's not a piece of junk - it's a Vista Cruiser! You can literally cruise the vistas in it!"

(Red Forman, played by Kurtwood Smith, referring to the 1969 Vista Cruiser in "That '70s Show")
by OldsVistaCruiser March 30, 2011
A high-performance Oldsmobile based on the Cutlass or F-85. Built every year from 1964 to 1980, then in 1985-87. In 1990-91, the Quad 442 was built as a performance package available on the Cutlass Calais.

Originally, the designation meant 4-speed, 4-barrel carburetor and 2 exhausts. From 1965 to 1967, it meant a 400 cubic-inch engine, four-speed transmission and two exhausts. In 1968, the 4-4-2 model became its own separate model, and due to the addition of an automatic transmission option, the designation no longer had its original meaning.

From 1974-1980, it became an appearance package on the Cutlass. From 1985-87, it meant a 4-speed automatic transmission, a 4-barrel carburetor and 2 exhausts.

For its last appearance, it meant a Quad-4 engine, 4 valves per cylinder and 2 camshafts.
That Olds 4-4-2 will blow away that Mustang!
by OldsVistaCruiser January 24, 2011
Eggs. (Used in context of throwing eggs at something)

From Tom & Jerry cartoon, "Yankee Doodle Mouse", which showed Jerry using eggs in a carton labeled as "Hen-Grenades", as a weapon against Tom.
They threw hen grenades at someone's house last night!
by OldsVistaCruiser January 08, 2011
Marijuana. Taken from its slight resemblance in appearance when broken up to packaged catnip, and its similar effects on humans as catnip has on cats.
The cat's been into the human nip again!
by OldsVistaCruiser March 13, 2011
A horse. Sometimes used for a mule or donkey. Originally a burro.

An irreverent derivative of Oldsmobile, referring to an equine animal that may eat oats and is ridden by humans.

Originated in "Boys Life" magazine (the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America) when boys sometimes irreverently address a fictional character, Pedro the burro, as "Oatsmobile". Pedro is the "mail burro" for that magazine and answers boys' letters.
Are you going to ride that oatsmobile?
by OldsVistaCruiser January 24, 2011
Pennsylvania State Police.

Taken from both the silent comedy movies of the same name and that Pennsylvania is the Keystone State, using the keystone as one of its symbols (which is found as the dash separator on their license plates as well).
"Slow down - there's a Keystone Kop sitting up on that bridge!"

"PA has a nice state law - only the Keystone Kops can use radar. Local police can't."
by OldsVistaCruiser February 14, 2012
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