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The Milwaukee School of Engineering - Known to those unfortunate enough to have been lured there by a scholarship and its prestige as hell on earth. By eliminating women from the school, making the work load for a single trimester equivalent to that of normal school's year of work, forcing students to live in the dorms for two years, and eat the lowest grade of food available, MSOE has managed to deprive its students of the will to make it through college and try to be successful. Rather it has made them hate there lives and spend hours upon hours on their computers playing fantasy games trying to escape from their pathetic existence. Thus, the MSOE graduate will be successful in the workforce, but they will have the social skills of rabid parrot. This results in few ladies and those that do take their chances with them are usually just looking for a rich husband to mooch off of. It will also make promotions far and few because their bosses will think they are too good at their job and too weird to be promoted to a new job. Therefore, by attending MSOE, one essentially ruins their entire life to some degree. This results in depression which shortens the life span of average MSOE student.
"Fuck this shit!" screamed the MSOE student as he threw his tray into the caferia wall.

"How was your date with Handgelica last night?" asked the MSOE student's friend.

"No matter what, I will never give any money back to this place once I am out of this shit hole!" vowed the MSOE student.

"The only reason MSOE produces good engineers is because the only ones that make it, are the ones that are smart enough to teach themselves. The faculty here sucks balls for the most part!" concluded the MSOE student.

"Our RA is an asshole! I got written up for noise again! FUCK THIS PLACE!" screamed the MSOE student.

"MSOE is going to make me become an alcoholic!" cried the MSOE student.
by Oldeo January 05, 2007
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