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1. Similar to is all good and its all good in specific meaning, with even fewer consonants. Consonants = haters.

2. Concluding comments used by guest motivational speakers at public school seminars, namely those with "rap star" credentials. After fifteen minutes of largely unintelligible gibberish and lip-smacking, the speaker flashes a quick sign and mumbles, "... iz good," followed by wild applause, hooting, sign flashing and head banging of the students and teachers alike in the Title 1 school.
"Niggas!, isn't just the blacks
also a gang of mutha-fuckas dressed in blue slacks
They say niggas hang in packs and their attitude is shitty
Tell me, who's the biggest gang of niggas in the city
They say niggas like to do niggas,
Throw me in the cuffs with just two niggas
A street walkin' nigga and a beat walkin' nigga with a badge
I had to shoot yah and the pass for the blast take his cash
And bash his head in dump him at the dead in
And that's just his luck
Cause a nigga like me
don't really give a fuck"

",,, iz good."

(Whooop, whooop, whooop!)

by OldManMemphis January 16, 2008
1. Similar to It's all good, without the oppression of specific consonants.

2. Phrase used at the conclusion of a meeting of urban ministers discussing the plight of inner-city children, enabling participants to leave while placing blame on others and without having reached any specific conclusion.
"We can't keep excusing the behavior of our children and saying that the white man is keeping us down. It's not the white man, it's our own people who are killing each other, and we've got to find a way to stop that before we can even hope to do anything else."

"Hey, is all good..."
by OldManMemphis January 16, 2008

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