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Similar to nap, something the aged (people over the age of 25) rarely get enough of because they are doing stupid crap like looking up the definition of it here. Also something that older people find more desirable after the age of 12, i.e. naps which we could have had as kids but were too stupid to realize that later we would pay for them.
49 year old Dave (not his real name) really wanted a nap but work kept interfering with that process as a result sleep was always on his mind.
by Old Wolf November 25, 2011
the day given to the 4th Thursday in November fixed by the National Holiday Act in the late 19th century to commemorate the first settlers having survived the beginnings of their time in the new world and their superiority of the Native Peoples because if it ain't white, it ain't right. Even though the Native Peoples saved them from certain starvation.
Best time to think Native People are inferior as a Thanksgiving message.
by Old Wolf November 25, 2011

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