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Human crossbread with DAC computer implants that chooses to live seperate from others, because they may inadvertently reveal their Tronic side far too easily and thus give away who or what they really are. Early age players of classic video arcade games returning to their gaming roots only to find out that their roots were just fantom memories inbeded in their cerebral dortex contimum as false or recurring memories that in later years allowded them to believe that they really existed, wheather in the Nexus statum or Kirkuim thearium.
Seamingly crazy old coote that can fix anything and knows everything. A well know player of the old tron arcade game.
by Old Tron January 09, 2010
Tronner - A person (could be a cyborg) who grew up during the arcade game revolution from the late 70's till present and was a standard fixture at the local arcade hangout. Usually wears a shirt with some well known game logo on it, such as Tron (Tronner), Packman Dot eater, Tempest Spinner or Spin Master and so on and so forth!

Usually has joint problems from so much finger movement (makes a better lover though {again fast finger movement}.
A Fellow tells his girl; See that burn-out, look at his fingers, I bet he was a Tronner with a really high score. Girl thinks; I bet he could use thoses fingers for other things too!
by Old Tron January 13, 2010

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