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Hablamf is an acronym , adjective ,descriptive word..it stands for..High As a Bitch Like A Motha Fukka !!

One is described as being Hablamf when they are high as a bitch , like a mutha fukka.
sentence..Yo dawg we smoked some dank ass weed and we got muthfukkin HABLAMF !! WORD..High As a Bitch Like A Mutha Fukka !!
by Old Skool Dubba March 16, 2009
A stank booty hizzo is best described as a woman of questionable morals or of a promiscuos background.noun

*proper spelling in english is*

Stank Bootied Hizzo.
used in a sentence...

Man , that girl like to mess around on her man..shes a Stank Booty Hizzo!! Wid er triflin ass...mmmm hmm.
by Old Skool Dubba March 16, 2009
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