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The orginial console war between Nintendo's SuperNES (Super Famicom) and Sega's Genesis (MegaDrive), circa the early '90s. Most likely what old school gamers think of when the term "console war" is thrown about.

Can also be used in reference to any competitive gaming systems. (Gameboy vs. GameGear; Playstation vs. Saturn vs. N64; Dreamcast vs. PS2 vs. Xbox vs. Gamecube; PS3 vs. X-Box 360 vs. Wii)
The console war ended with neither side victorious.

Gamer 1: I think the Genesis is better since it has the original Phantasy Star series, whereas the SuperNES had the Final Fantasy series
Gamer 2: I think the exact opposite!

Gamer 1: The SuperNES is best because it's GRAY!
Gamer 2: No way, the Genesis is better because it's BLACK!
by Old School Gamer Jen January 01, 2007

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