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Contraction of fake and fireplace, so it looks like a fireplace but does not have the chimney, ability to burn logs, etc. They can be anything from extremely tacky and fake-looking (that fool nobody), all the way to ones that have gas logs and are vented and look pretty. They may or may not give off heat, but pretty much all of them are intended to give the illusion of burning logs and the reality is that they do not and cannot. This is different from a real fireplace with gas logs or other means because someone doesn't want the problems associated with starting wood fires, etc. A fakerplace is one that cannot burn wood.
I put a fakerplace in my new house, it needed something to brighten up the family room.

Rather than fix my chimney, I decided to make my fireplace a fakerplace instead.

If you see a fireplace in Florida you can pretty much count on it being a fakerplace.
by Old Radio Collector August 20, 2011
Announcements (primarily on Facebook) that "so and so has reached level 75 on Farmville, (or Cafe World, Mafia Wars or whatever game) and they want you to share the prize". To fellow game players they give you a chance to pick up special items for free, but to non-gamers they only litter someone's home page and give you page after page of announcements that you don't care about. These announcements are usually created automatically by the application.

It is simple to block the announcements from any given application, but many people take the easy way out and unfriend the game player, thereby missing out on other worthwhile items the game player may post.
Joe, did you unfriend me on Facebook?

Yeah, I was getting sick of all that game spam.

You know you can turn it off!

I have no desire to play Mafia Wars, so I blocked the game spam from it.
by Old Radio Collector December 25, 2010
To get rid of someone, usually by firing them or evicting them, or in some other way "show them the door" (and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!)

Typically used when they get rid of someone in a hurry as opposed to a long, drawn out legal process. Being forcibly removed from a job or home by the police or being ordered out.

Although the net effect is the same, this is substantially more abrupt and nasty than being terminated, evicted or separated from a job.
"I thought you were supposed to be at work?"
"I ruined a big job and they gave me the left foot of democracy."

I had a big party again last week; today when I came home from work all my things were outside and the locks were changed. The landlord gave me the left foot of democracy, but my rent was only 3 months overdue.
by Old Radio Collector December 20, 2009
Originally an urban contractaction for "...worth of gas", it has since come to mean a gas station that does not accept credit cards for "pay at the pump" transactions, you must go in to pay for it. Many (not all) woofa gas stations are cash only, no credit cards accepted at all. Most gas stations that accept credit cards allow you to pay at the pump. Most woofa gas stations are generic independents, not showing any brand name.
Original meaning: "Give me five bucks woofa gas."
Current meaning: "I can't get gas there - I don't have any cash on me and that place is woofa gas."
by Old Radio Collector September 02, 2006
An old (but still common) style of a knob that is used mostly in industrial applications and guitar amplifiers. It looks like a long narrow triangle over a round skirt, and looking from the side it curves down at the point. From the side it resembles the head of a chicken.

Those chicken heads really dress up your amp.
by Old Radio Collector May 12, 2006

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