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Fooftard = foof + retard

1) In this sense, it's simply a derogatory word used to insult people.

2) It can also be used as a way of saying someone has a retarded vagina.
1) You're such a fooftard!

2) Man, my penis is all green after fucking that fooftard.
by Old Pink December 01, 2006
The word pluck is a non-vulgar method of saying fuck. It originated from the game Mario, in which the power flower gives Mario the power to send "plucks" from the palm of his hand with a "pluck" noise.
1: "Pluck pluck" - Mario

2: Steve: "Plucking hell!"
Matt: "Whats wrong?"
Steve: "My hamster just ate my dog!"
Matt: "That shits plucked up!"
by Old Pink December 01, 2006
WiiJ is an abbreviation of Wii-Jockey.

A Wii Jockey is someone who has mastered more than one aspect of gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

Someone who is good at a single game but sucks at everything else does not qualify for WiiJ status, only true multigame masters qualify for this title.
Girl #1: Went to Jason's house at the weekend and took some of my Wii games, thought it'd be a laugh but it sucked I stood no chance he's a total WiiJ.
Girl #2: My man Peter sucks at the Wii, you should play him sometime.


Guy #1: Haha whipped your ass at tennis too, I totally rule at Wii Sports!
Guy #2: Yeah but you're no WiiJ, I'm still the master of other titles.
by Old Pink December 12, 2006

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