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A resident of the town of Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

Whilst it is a fact that not all Stevenagians are Pikeys (Just as not all male aircraft cabin attendants are gay) the town does have an almost magnetic attraction to Pikeys and Chavs.

They can be seen almost anywhere in the town, but the Mecca for them appears to be 'Wife-beater bench' outside the Job centre/DSS office near the swimming pool. Note: Whilst this area is without a doubt the most sacred Holy of Holies to the Pikester, the casual observer may walk past on the opposite side of the road in complete safety. This is because of the swimming pool. The mere proximity of water to Pikeys causes them mortal terror. This is probably because the only thing that can destroy a Pikey is water mixed with soap. They will avoid this at all costs.
Pikey: Oi mate! lend us twenny pee for da fone innit?

Citizen: Away with you! You'll only spend it on White Ace.
by Old Moore June 12, 2007
A modification of the term 'Gaylord' but relating to the target's excessive weight rather than sexual orientation as in Gaylord. The intimation being that the target of the abuse is 'No stranger to a pie' ie: Grossly overweight, a lard-ass or gut-bucket.
Also, 'Lord of the pies'
Jeez! Look at the size of that Pielord over there! He must be the Chief Test Pilot at Saxby's.
by Old Moore June 30, 2006
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