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Acronym for Near Term Extinction, or the prospect that humanity will make the planet earth functionally unlivable by continuing to dump gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere and triggering unstoppable, exponential feedbacks of methane release.
Putting money into your 401k again? Guess you haven't taken into account NTE.
by Old Crumudgeon March 05, 2013
A noun or adjective hurled by a so-called conservative as an epithet at anyone who calls him out on his racism; homophobia; class bias; unearned privilege; speciesism; misogyny; violence, beer, sports, porn or cigarette addiction; cultural intolerance; monolingualism; or any other social pathology of which the user is ashamed and wishes to obfuscate, deny, ignore or hide from.
You want indians removed from sports logos? You're an elitist. You won't vote for a hyper-rich, over-privileged douche like Bush or Romney? You're an elitist pig.
by Old Crumudgeon March 05, 2013

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