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So, you have been involved in a Bloody Doughnut. You put your wiener inside a nasty, disrespected ass V and you woke up with a cherry D. You got a blood dick, bad. Its very bad. You definitely do not want a cherry D. You had sex with a bloody V and got a cherry D. You went home with a girl that was on her period, you fucked her vagina, and got a bunch of filthy, coagulated blood stains on your cock and balls, you nasty son of a bitch.
So, it was about 5am right, and I was hammered as shit, after blue ballin with some bitch, i definitely needed to get my nut on so I called up this slutty ass whore that will fuck anyone at any time. But she neglected to tell me that her pussy was throwing up blood at the time, thus I was left with a dark red Cherry D the next morning. That dirty, disgusting blood cunt.
by Ol Red Dee October 30, 2011

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