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When you shit into a condom and fuck somebody with it.
jim had to shit, and wasn't feeling the whole "sex" thing tonight, but debbie was horny. Jim then shat into a condom to give it some bulk, he then began to pleasure debbie with the Slippery Spelunker.
by Ol Danky March 26, 2009
When you jerk your turkey for a little bit, then blow a reasonable amount of man snot onto your middle, and ring fingers, bend them back and flick them forward. this works on someones face, your friends shirt that he left over last friday, or it makes perfect holiday decorations "ooh spooky!!"
whoa whats that stain on the wall?
"umm, i think we had a visit from our friendly neighborhood, Spiderman!
by Ol Danky March 26, 2009
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