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The name of the 1980's dance often performed to hip hop / rap songs where you stand with your legs still and start to worm your upper body forward and then up and down.

note: many Italian Americans teens were severely scolded doing the "WOP" in the 1980's for participating in such a dance because the name "WOP" is also a word to negatively describe an Italian American. True story!
Doing the Wop...mercy, mercy.
by Ol' Skool Cool December 01, 2011
1) Nickname given to any female named Lisa that is sexually promiscuous.
2) circa 1985, the nickname given to Lisa, the female defamed in the self-titled rap classic, "Lisa Lips" - performed by Brooklyn rap group, U.T.F.O. where she was negatively depicted as being sexually promiscuous yet unlike her other defamed contemporary, Roxanne ( the character from the song, "Roxanne Roxanne" - U.T.F.O. ), The REAL Lisa Lips was secure enough with herself to choice not to engage in battle rap and ignore the rumors.
"...she ain't nothing but a Lisa Lips."
by Ol' skool cool December 01, 2011

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