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Something that was avoided after the Nintendo DS was released. It caused It's stocks to raise above that of Microsoft. The DS has a battery life of 10 hours, 2 screens, 2 processers, graphics better then that of the Nintendo 64. It uses game cards, instead of cartriges. It will blow the Playstation Portable(PSP) into dust. Reasons include: It's battery life is 2 1/2 hours, OOHHH WOW. It plays dvds witha battery life of 1 hour, the graphics are good, but not as good as the DS's, they are shy of 64 bit. They have ripped off nintendos touch screen technology due to a touch screen keyboard. It has more unecessary features then the PS2 and XBox combined, even the DS doesnt have that much unecessary crap. It has online support with 1 hour worth of battery power and will be released in 2005 with a price higher then the DS($150+ American) Whoever buys this console is buying a crap machine. The DS may be an odd new system but. Its innovation and graphics. Along with nintendos hard work have created the ultime handheld gaming system, only to be matched by the Game Boy Evolution coming 2006/2007. Not much is known of this system, spare better graphics then 64 bit, we can only hope for a mini gamecube :D. The nintendo DS's games are no longer kiddie, with the addition of a GTA game for it and the game Feel the Magic - XY-XX, the DS has more "T" rated games and features 3-D racing and sports games, nothing the GBA could handle. The death of nintendo is only a lie now, the Nintendo Revolution will probobly put Sony out of business.
The original creator of this definition obviously is a 11 year old sony nerd.
by Ol' Drippy November 18, 2004

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