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Former cast member from SNL. Extremely talented with impersonations. He would break character often, but it would make the skit funnier, since SNL is pretty lame these days. He is the reason Tina Fey(even though she is hot) doesn't look like an idiot on Weekend update since she ruins her lines all the time. Hopefully he will be in a movie that will show off his talents like Ace Ventura did for Jim Carrey.
"And WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Oklahoma smells like shit June 19, 2004
SNL member turned actor who is extremely funny as some characters, and just plain dumb with others as he just "over acts", and makes an ass out of him self. Funny around 75% of the time.
Will Ferrell was the most hated cast member his first season on SNL. <- true
by Oklahoma smells like shit June 19, 2004

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