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School was once a place where people went to learn. Now teachers do nothing but try to teach children to fear authority. Yet, they don't even do that right. You see, I can flip off a teacher and get 2 days of ISS. Yet, I also get beat up by a couple of seniors who don't take any punishment. School is also a place where you are beaten up by bullies, and learn bad habbits.

Because of everything I said you probably think I hate school. Well your wrong. I get to talk to girls at school.
School would suck if it wasn't for girls.
by Okita-Sama April 01, 2005
A sword forged during the Edo Period. It was incredibly large and mainly used for taking out riders on horses. Because it was so large and heavy, not one could wield very good.
Sanosuke used a zanbato in the 4th/5th episode of Rurouni Kenshin.
by Okita-Sama March 01, 2005
A game made by people who were on overdoese of several illegal substances at once. Strangely, the gameplay is as addictive as those illegal substances.
What ever drugs the makers of Katamari Damacy are using, I WANT THEM!!!
by Okita-Sama April 06, 2005
A once awesome punk band that sort of died with the release of Splinter. Their best songs are
1. Crossroads
2. Pretty Fly for a White Guy
3. Come Out and Play
Offsping fucking kick ass!!!
by Okita-Sama March 12, 2005
The most over rated game of all time. Not bad, but not the best game of all time like some think it is.
Corey: Halo is the best game ever.
Me: But all you do is shoot aleins.
Corey: But the graphics are good.
Me: So in other words, you are prooving Shigeru Miyamoto right when he said that Americans will buy any game with mediocre gameplay as long as the graphics are good.
Corey: If the graphics are good than everything is good.
by Okita-Sama April 03, 2005
An awesome genre of music that many believe died after the 80s. I say that new rock is good but it was best in the 90s with Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Offspring, and Metallica.
Do I really need to add an example.
by Okita-Sama March 12, 2005
Japanese word for fuck. Not used for sex.
anata no ikimasu fakku. Not sure if that is exactly right. It's supposed to mean go fuck yourself.
by Okita-Sama March 01, 2005

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