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4 definitions by Oinktastic

A lepson is a person who copies anything you say. If you have a new catch phrase or a great idea, a lepson will come along and think they are really cool when they steal it and use it as if its their own.
A lepson then, is a very annoying copycat type try hard that makes you want to smash them in the face.
"Hey! i made that up you filthy lepson!"
by Oinktastic December 14, 2004
The term bilbrow is used to describe anyone who refuses proper facial hair grooming. The terms "forestface" and "hanging eyebrows of hobbiton" are other variations of this similar idea.
Argh! Thar blows a bilbrow, i can tell by his giant eyebrows!
by Oinktastic December 14, 2004
Being the latin name for the cat family, this insult is used to describe anyone who has an ugly or cattish appearance, they can also be particularly bitchy or someone who gets into many catfights.

It can also be used to describe an old single woman who lives in a house with only her cat as companion and thus dreams about young boys she can never have and is therefore a bitter and twisted individual.
"check out that old woman in that house, god shes such an ugly old felidae"
by Oinktastic December 14, 2004
A karlyn is someone who is pure dolly, i.e. rely stupit. So stupit in fact that they cant write the word stupid (or really).
"Woah did you just call me rely stupit? god youre such a karlyn"
by Oinktastic December 14, 2004