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3 definitions by Oil of Olay Foundation

adj. A term used to express one's urgent need to sit or rest.
Tired from four straight hours of dancing and the use of ecstacy, Dan needed an oleh tehseat.

Sally: Are you alright, boo? We haven't been at the mall long.

Joan: My ankles are killing me! Oleh tehseat ASAP
by Oil of Olay Foundation July 04, 2004
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Quod Restaurant & Bar was conceived by Jeremy Mogford and Gary Strivens and opened in Oxford in November 1999, London in August 2001 and in Brighton April 2003. Jeremy Mogford, who founded the Browns Group of Restaurants in 1973, also owns the Old Parsonage Hotel, the Old Bank Hotel and Gee’s Restaurant, all in Oxford.

Quod is an exciting new concept, open all day serving modern Italian inspired food. The menu offers a good selection of fresh fish, chargrilled meats, salads, pastas, pizzas and risottos. The restaurants have a relaxed, informal bar serving coffee, tea, cocktails and an extensive selection of wines by the glass.
"Quod is one of those places you go to that make you feel like a grown up......Buzzy, bright and bloody brill". Quod Brighton - Itchy Guide 2004

“A throbbing, thriving monument to stylish new eating: another big hit with discerning diners”.
Virgin Hotline
by Oil of Olay Foundation July 11, 2004
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n. Used to name a male inflicted with man boobs
Hey, Jiggle Billy, you're gonna need a bra before you play some football, son
by Oil of Olay Foundation July 13, 2004
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