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Street punk is the strongest form of punk today. Bands like The Unseen, A Global Threat, The Casualties, Cheap Sex, and Lower Class Brats play street punk. Street punk music is DIY, loud, fast, offensive, and often talks about the Street Punk scene, politics, or violence. Street punks tend to hate bands such as AFI, Greenday, and all those other non-DIY bands. The lifestyle of street punks is layed back, fun, and strong. Street punks tend to drink a lot of beer, except some. Street punks are also divided, slightly. Street punks tend to be the nicest and most accepting of the subsubcultures, as long as you conform with the most important issues. Street punks tend to dislike the other "punks." Street punks live punk to it's fullest, and believe in every aspect of old-school punk. Street punks often hate pop-punks (Sum41), skate "punks," (Greenday) modern-horror-punks (AFI) often because their music and conformity is different than what punk is supposed to be. (Sorry kids, but AFI isn't DIY, 3-chord, fast, and loud like punk is supposed to be...)

Street punks tend to wear Docs, hair, leather, plaid, bondage pants, patches, and other stuff like that. Although, if you ask any street punk they'll tell you that the clothes don't make them punk, the clothes are simply a sign that attracts unity and detracts unwanted people.
Street punk is: The Unseen, A Global Threat, The Casualties, Cheap Sex, and Lower Class Brats

Our lifestyle is: Sometimes drunk, layed back, fast, young
by Oi Punk April 07, 2005

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