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3 definitions by Ohwhatahotmess

Alcoholic shots.

This term applies to when friends try to avoid drinking on special occasions and ask for substitutes made with marijuana.
"That Ho thinks he can get out of doing shots Monday night and keeps asking for edibles instead!"
by Ohwhatahotmess July 22, 2014
Relating to a person that is the sexual exception to a person and/or couple's sexual orientation and/or monogamy/polyamory.

Example: a girl that is straight but fools around with only 1 girl, a straight boy that fools around with only 1 boy, or a couple that is monogamous except for one particular person
A"I thought you two weren't swingers"
"We aren't. But we are bresexual"
by Ohwhatahotmess July 22, 2014
A date where you do what a normal date/relationship would do in opposite flow.

A normal date: awkward convo, meal, sex, sexting/booty calls

Reverse date: sexting/booty calls, sex, meal, awkward convo
"So I went on a reverse date last night"

"How did it go?"
"Well, during the awkward conversation I finally learned her name and stopped calling her by her okcupid handle"
by Ohwhatahotmess August 16, 2014