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3 definitions by Ohsnap!!!

Some seriously cold, unfeeling, shit.
Girl 1: Sorry, but I have a three inch minimum.

Guy: (with sarcasm) Oh, ha ha ha!

Girl 2: I have a nine inch minimum.

Guy: That's some cold shit.
by Ohsnap!!! January 17, 2010
7 2
The Standard "Medium" size for most citizens of the United Kingdom.
Hmm, damn, XXL? Got any larger sizes mate? Ugh, where are my digestives?
by Ohsnap!!! December 31, 2009
33 28
A pop punk (it means popular don't cry) band that's fun to listen too as long as you don't think they're the only good band on the planet.

From Ajax, Ontario.

And no i've never watched MTV, i just buy albums.
Guy who wants to flame: Sum 41 are a retarded pop punk band and all their fans are posers!

Me: Ok, whats real punk then?

Guy who wants to flame: The Ramones, The Clash, and
The Sex Pistols!

Me: Name more.

Guy who wants to flame: Uhhhh.....

by Ohsnap!!! December 13, 2009
17 82